the heart.

Man is made up of body and soul; and both alike are given us by the beneficence of the Creator. The one is visible, and the other invisible. We are therefore bound to serve Him with a twofold service. That of the body and its members can be fulfilled by the visible activities of man; but the second is a hidden service, which is the fulfilment of the duties of the heartto acknowledge the Unity of God in our hearts, to believe in Him, to love Him, resign our souls to Him, and make His name the unifying central thought of all our conduct.

I’ve begun reading a collection of excerpts from the 11th century book Chovot HaLevavot (The Duties of the Heart). These lines understand what it is to be part of creation; to belong to God. We have a choice to serve Him with our actions, and in the same way our hearts can draw close to Him through the choices that are made in a hidden place. “It is quite clear to me that even the duties of the body and its members can never be perfectly fulfilled, except with a willing heart, and a soul that delights to do them, and when our heart is really full of yearning for the work that they involve.”


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