purity and thankfulness.

Protect me, O God, for I seek refuge in you. (Psalm 16:1)

We completely rely on our creator for life, for everything we bring to Him, and for His help. In this relationship we also yearn to look beyond ourselves and our own needs, avoiding pride and selfishness, and making worthy choices. I’ve heard some insightful thoughts about how these contrasting experiences are found together.

In this verse the psalmist asked for protection, but this is not a selfish prayer. It’s a prayer of obedience, trust, and intimacy. Blessing is a promise for anyone who walks on the path that our God sets in front of us. The person who hopes in Him, whether or not we deserve it, is someone who truly trusts Him. One who doesn’t ask for help is one who either doesn’t care or doesn’t trust.

The nearer we come to Him as His servants, the more our needs become inseparable from serving Him. Every breath, every morning, everything you eat, the time you spend resting, the relationships we need, the closeness to God that we desire, the help with different struggles, every blessing on our life becomes holy and a gift from Him because we need those things to live, and in the same breath to live for Him. The same is true for forgiveness, and the desire to come closer to Him in obedience. It’s up to us to choose righteousness and repentance whenever the choice is in our strength, but He delights in restoring us by His own hand.


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