From the book of the apocalypse of Baruch son of Neriah, c. late first century CE.

And I answered and said, “O LORD, my Lord, lo! the years of this time are few and evil, and who is able in his little time to acquire that which is measureless?”

And the Lord answered and said unto me: “With the Most High account is not taken of time nor of a few years. For what did it profit Adam that he lived nine hundred and thirty years and transgressed that which he was commanded? Therefore the multitude of time that he lived did not profit him, but brought death and cut off the years of those who were born from him. Wherein did Moses suffer loss in that he lived only one hundred and twenty years, and, inasmuch he was subject to Him who formed him, brought the law to the seed of Jacob, and lighted a lamp for the nation of Israel?”

And I answered and said: “He that lighted has taken from the light, and there are but few that have imitated him. But those many whom he has lighted have taken from the darkness of Adam and have not rejoiced in the light of the lamp.”

And He answered and said unto me: “Wherefore at that time he appointed for them a covenant and said: ‘Behold I have placed before you life and death.’ And he called heaven and earth to witness against them, for he knew that his time was short but that heaven and earth endure always.”


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