I spoke of things I didn’t understand.

After endless questions about God’s justice and kindness, an answer was given that satisfied Job. He saw the magnitude of God’s power over creation. He knew how helpless and powerless we are before our maker. But Job’s questions hadn’t been about whether God is sovereign, as much as they were about whether God is good. No explanation of God’s love in these events was given to quieten his heart. Such a thing would be beyond his comprehension. Yet the answer still seems to have met with with the question in Job’s heart.

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. (Job 42:5)

Why do so many people surrender to God in vulnerable love and worship even when His goodness and blessing appear completely hidden? It’s not merely a belief that He deserves us, because of the fact that He made us, despite whether He is good or not. These people give their love and trust to Him as well. They continue to know His goodness and trustworthiness despite what we can see, feel, and understand.


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