in this place.

This day is most honoured of all days, because on it, the Eternal Rock rested from work.
In six days you must finish your work,
Becau​se the seventh day is for your God.
On the Sabbath day you may do no work
for God created all in six days.
It is foremost among the sacred feasts,
the day of rest, the holy Sabbath.
And so each Jew recites Kiddush over wine.
With two loaves the faithful break bread.
Eat delicacie​s, drink sweet drinks
for God provides for all who show devotion:​
Cloth​es to wear, plentiful​ bread,
meat,​ fish and all sorts of delicious​ foods.
On this day you should not lack –
“Yo​u will eat and be satisfied​, and then bless
Adona​i your God,” whom you love,
for God has blessed you above all peoples.
The heavens declare God’s glory,
while​ the earth is full of God’s kindness.​
See all these things made by God’s hand,
God is our Rock, whose work is perfect.


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