the blessing of being with.

There are a lot of amazing stories about people, whom we know or whom we’ve read about, who live in a precious way that cares deeply for others. It’s a normal human quality to be selfish, but it is also possible for us to love and to grow in consistent compassion and honouring of other people.

I wonder about this desire. It’s so closely aligned with goodness; it’s a desire of God. But it’s also a desire of other people around us when we live in communities that recognise the goodness of God in each other’s lives. Isn’t it possible that we often desire to be more loving so that we’ll personally be more beautiful in that way to other people?

The reality is that God has given us beauty to share in, to value in each other, and to value in ourselves. This gift is part of the experience and the joy of knowing Him together. It points our eyes together to Him. Ideally, pleasing Him, doing what is right, and drawing close to other people’s hearts don’t have to be mutually exclusive desires.

Another reality is that in life, sometimes these desires do collide. And it’s in those times that we can learn to choose to live for others, and for the goodness of our God, as a gift that is costly. This opportunity in itself can be a blessing. May He give us the heart to seek Him like this, the chance to become strong in love, and the blessing of like-minded friends whom we can love and be loved by in the beauty of these qualities of goodness.


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