and another.

I have been thinking for a long time about the fact that sometimes we make choices in life that are totally based on the things that we value before God. We would not make those commitments unless they were in sync with our commitments to Him. But the thing is that sometimes, God leads us to leave the path we thought was from Him and follow Him to a new place. I’ve experienced that in a big way in the last few years as well. So I wonder how we can ever make lifelong commitments when we also have to be willing to change everything if God leads us to… and then we would be left in the heartache of a divided and broken commitment.

Today I asked this question to a rabbi, who answered this. I get it…
“Always be honest with yourself and with G-d. Make choices today that are in sync with your truth of today. The same G-d who helps you today with your choices, will help you tomorrow as well.”

This is not recklessness, it’s wisdom. It’s something I really believe we can live by, and really live in, before God.


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