it will seek.

Honesty is very beautiful. We all have a lot to gradually learn about and grow in, in many parts of this. But the more of it you hold to value, the more you realise how gaping a loss it would be not to live in it. It holds you more, like gravity, the closer you come!

Many people have made costly choices of honesty, love, and obedience before God. Some people have suffered a lot in choosing these things. And yet we say God’s love is greater than ours, and that we can offer Him so little in return for His love. How can that be, if He needs nothing and if He doesn’t suffer like we do, if He never lost anything in love for us because He has infinity to give from? How can the love between us mean anything when He gives us existence and good things, and we in return give our comfort and our whole lives?

The heart says that not only do we have no capacity to understand the ‘experiences’ of our eternal and infinite Creator, but we have no need to. We experience that we enter true and immense beauty and goodness when we give ourselves back to Him. And goodness like His dispels questions about whether He has real love for us. We don’t need to compare knowing Him with anything else; He is more than enough, near us. A huge gift of being heart to heart with our Maker, who need not open Himself to us, when we are open to His ways with us and follow in them.

The relationships that we are given as humans to have with each other can be very valuable, in faithfulness and closeness. To know Him is more than those, not less than them, if that is a path we’re willing to walk on. That’s why the idea means so much. We have been given a level of recognition that He deserves us, and a level of choice to respond to that with love.


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