they are saying, over and over.

To the God who rested from all works, Who on the Seventh Day was elevated and sat on the Throne of His Glory. With splendour He enwrapped the Day of Contentment- He declared the Sabbath day a delight! This is the song of praise of the Sabbath Day: that on it God rested from all His work. And the Seventh Day gives praise saying: ‘A psalm, a song for the Sabbath Day. It is good to thank Hashem…’ Therefore let all that He has fashioned glorify and bless God. Praise, honour, greatness and glory let them render to God, the King who fashioned everything, Who gives a heritage of contentment to His People, Israel, in His holiness on the Sabbath Day. May Your Name, Hashem our God, be sanctified and may Your remembrance, our King, be glorified in the heaven above and upon the earth below. May You be blessed, our Saviour, beyond all the praises of Your handiwork and beyond the brilliant luminaries that You have formed- may they glorify You- Selah.


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