for life.

Some really terrible things are happening in the world all the time. A lot of people grow up not knowing hope or security. People are traumatised by war, abuse, sadness, fear, and severe need. We hurt each other often and there is a lot of confusion. At the moment there are some very big environmental issues, such as the dying out of bees and the disasters that come from the unnatural environmental effects of pollution. The struggles of refugees to find a home and then to settle and live, and the way basic needs of so many people and creatures are not met or are abused; they are overwhelming issues.

So many of these things are within our capacity to help. The way we choose to live, spend our time, and give our attention to the world and lives around us can actually make a difference.

In the end, the biggest thing is the mercy of our God. We ask Him to bless every year for good, and to remember those who are hurting. We speak to Him as the king of all things, who provides good things for us, and every joy and blessing we receive is a reminder of His kindness beyond understanding. May He have mercy on us and bring restoration soon. And as we live in this prayer, may we pour ourselves out in every practical way to be a part of it.


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