Rosh Hashanah recipes.

Here is a beautiful carrot soup from the Chabad website. It takes a while, and I had to add extra boiling water while simmering the onions when it ran out. I also used a small bit of honey at the end to build the flavour, and soy milk because I had no almond milk.

And this honey cake  is nice, not that I know the difference. I just made a third of the amount, to make one round cake. Instead of the one egg needed I got a generous tablespoon of flax seeds, ground them in a coffee grinder, and soaked them in four tablespoons of water for 20 mins. (10 mins would probably have been enough.) Then just added it all in as an ‘egg’, and it worked, without being part of the currently unkind chicken-farming system. The recipe has far too much brown sugar and white sugar, so halve the amount of each (noting that I used dark brown sugar) for a cake that has a honey taste but isn’t too sweet and sticky.


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