“If you desire to recognize the character of this people, go and study a single one of its families. For even, Heaven forbid, if all the world’s stormwinds were to seek to uproot this people, it would be rebuilt from any one of its families which had escaped destruction. By what strength? – By the strength of – ‘I Shall Dwell in Their Midst’.

A. E. Kitov, paraphrased by Kol Israel – The Israel Broadcasting Service


6 thoughts on “recognition.

    • It is an amazing thing. Part of me wonders if it is enough to really and fully know this is for real… and part of me can’t ignore it… but it is definitely eye-catching and so meaningful to witness. Thank God, so much for it.

      • When I see what the Jews have done for themselves and humanity, it’s hard for me not to worship them, so I worship G-d thru them, and thru One of them in particular. I’m not opening up that debate, tho — just reacting to your beautiful post! Shalom!

      • That’s not a bad ‘second best’…if you can’t worship the Jews then you may as well worship God?

        I guess that’s not what you meant but…it’s what you said. So even though I can see we’re on the same page about some deeply valuable things and I agree with you that the reality looked at in this post is beautiful, my heart can’t help but vocally respond to your premise here. I thought about responding more gently but then I also pray that these things will become planted deeply in each of our hearts.

        I value the goodness and beauty in the Jewish tradition quite deeply. But do you realise that the most beautiful thing about Torah-holding Jews in my eyes is their constant declaration of how their beauty isn’t something they brought into existence or own at all as inherent to them? Every part of their being, capacity and blessing are a gift from God and in Judaism they are set apart to worshiping Him in the way only He deserves, in the way that all humanity and all creation should do.

        In choosing to admire them I’m admiring the clarity of their humility, not any inherent greatness. In choosing to go over to them and give my heart to Judaism, I’m choosing to stand with them and thus look away from them, away from myself, away from all things in and under the heavens…and look to the One who willed us in being with His kindness. For sure I see His kindness in humans as well, but for us it is always borrowed…even for Jews, no matter who, it’s far from perfect!!; for Hashem it is His nature. Worship is for Him, and all Jews who hold close to Torah would quickly turn your eyes away from them and onto Him, as well as wondering why you can’t see their faults enough to be unwilling to give them such pure honour. Likewise with the future king, son of David: humility before God will mark him, just like this. It’s what sets this nation apart.

        I think for numerous reasons that Christians are wrong when they think J ‘is God’. But in one way, what they are saying is much better than the approach you brought here, because at least they believe that nothing created (as they understand that) can ever even have a momentary, partial, fleetingly minimal aspect of the particular kind of honour that is Hashem’s, His alone, before whom the earth and heavens keep relying even to exist.

        Maybe I misunderstand you and you feel in your heart (like they do) that you do draw the Jewish kind of distinction in the relationship between Creator and created, we who are facing each other, in two very different roles! and yet intimate in them. But I think your statement here betrays something that the Jewish heritage you’re admiring would shun. It’s worth reevaluating why you care so much about certain things and whether they deserve that in Hashem’s eyes.

        Again thanks for your comment, though… It is such an amazing thing, which I’ve seen for a long time, baruch Hashem… and haven’t known how to articulate really.

      • Of course worshipping HaShem isn’t second best to worshipping ANYTHING OR ANYONE. I hardly meant THAT. Sorry if I gave that impression. I just watched CBN’s miniseries on how Israel leads in so many areas of human endeavor. I knows they got that from HaShem. He is the Source. In fact, that’s one more reason I believe in Yeshua as Messiah. He is Israel encapsulated, a glorious microcosm of the whole. But that’s just me. I won’t press my case here. Your blog isn’t a forum for that, and I respect that. ❤

      • Then I truly don’t understand the words you chose to use… to me they were really startling. They just have nothing to do with the way that Judaism would have us think and speak about achievements like that, though I do believe you that you see it all as a gift from God.

        You can talk about whatever here, I don’t mind. Anyway, I can’t see why you think Yeshua was a glorious microcosm of Israel, any more than any other sincere and righteous Jew in his day or in history in general. What made him different from all the tzaddikim? And how could you possibly know that?

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