messengers of Him.

When our worlds become less sheltered and our eyes, hearts, bodies, and empathy are opened to the brokenness, then we realise something closer to the truth of how the giver of this world gives. It’s not as we thought.

The giver who needs nothing and would never steal or lie; who owes nothing but knows intimately all that is real.

Who owes no love, but we owe it because our hearts are His, and as for me and us we wouldn’t, couldn’t turn our faces from the will behind our existence. That’s a starting point that doesn’t move. We can’t withhold gratitude for the morning, the evening, all food and drink, every pleasure, comfort, and kindness. Let us also have hearts, minds, souls, and strength both promised and ready to give (to give back).

So we also desire that love and will not turn our faces from pleading for it.

Even in a faith like Judaism, where the kindness, the goodness, the countable and uncountable promises of God are foundations of reality’s vision, there are still prayers pleading with the natural lifeblood of humanity for God to give ear, to turn and care, to give undeserved mercy and undeserved friendship.

Even those who pray every day and say with the wholeness of being that they hear Him, they still call out and wait in case of an answer. So vulnerable and also, it is the light of beauty that lifts our spirits in the place where we would otherwise be crushed in the dark.

The beauty of nature, of creativity, of people’s character, and of a place where our eyes will never see His face but our hearts know Him closer than that.

And the strength of human nature is truly a gift, in a place where we are created and broken unexpectedly, bewildered and often not even able or willing to help each other. We discover that a frightened mother becomes strong and courageous, even if tired and confused, for her child. An exhausted father has something endless to give his family. A lonely person can be a true servant of others and a loyal friend to those around her. And a person whose inclinations drive him to try and do it all in his own strength, for his own pleasure, can find comfort in the place of reality, the willingness to give honour where it is deserved.


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