communicating Judaism.

It’s becoming constantly clearer to me that sometimes it doesn’t matter if people understand only one thing you’re trying to communicate with them, and then misunderstand the rest. Conveying ideas to others and letting them test whether to accept them can never happen all at once; it’s okay to just get one thing across clearly, because it makes all the difference. Sometimes that means not confusing the issue too much by making sure that nothing can be taken the wrong way.

What I have noticed very recently is that sometimes, this actually helps to keep the integrity of the message strong for the future. If people move forward in time and realise why you insisted on particular ways of thinking, without watering them down, then that will become a powerful platform for paradigm shift. For example, some time ago I wouldn’t have wanted to tell a friend that I’m not interested in thinking about or reading about Christianity much of the time, and prefer to keep it out of my thoughts, my heart, and the airwaves of my life… except for at times specifically set aside for listening to things my friends want to send or say. That’s not to say that if I did feel challenged by something I would push it away, of course, but I feel that a friend could misinterpret it that way. Anyway, I realised that it doesn’t matter and that it may even be good to say things like this, because it will convey on some deep-buried level that I believe that particular religion is not only wrong, but there are aspects of it that should be considered ugly and against all that is loved in the world.


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