shall I hide.

In the second part of Genesis 18, Abraham learnt more about what God’s justice and mercy are like. It wasn’t a mystical experience; he learnt it through an event that happened close by him. And it wasn’t something he forced. Hashem set up the whole conversation, for Abraham’s sake. Was it chutzpah that Abraham pleaded with God by bargaining? And did he really change His mind, or remind Him about His righetousness? It seems like Abraham’s questions were a way for him to touch and come to know the way that God would relate to His creation, more closely than he or humanity as a whole had experienced before.

In the same way, in our lives, God opens up opportunities for us to come to know more of His nature with us. We don’t need to strive to try and see what we could never grasp on our own. He starts the conversations Himself, and ties them to our experiences.

How did Abraham come to this knowledge and wisdom? Not in the way that Adam and Eve sought wisdom; they sought it against Hashem’s commandment, imagining He had no place in their world. Abraham sought to know God by obeying Him, responding with faith, and surrendering his life into His hands.


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