gestures and words in worship, and blessings.

The Jewish Bible and faith are full of expressions of relationship with God that reflect, in our own way, human relationship. Some are gestures: lifting hands up to Hashem, or bowing down. Some are images: to ‘come’ to Him, that He is a ‘Father’ to us, He ‘turns His face’. Some are words, or the way we offer them: ‘speaking’, ‘crying out’, “singing”.

Does someone who holds out their hand, as if to a parent, expect that their Creator comes with a hand of flesh and blood? In Torah God’s hand is His actions, like the wind that held up the sea. Does a person who bows down think the the space in front of them holds matter that is God? Chas v’shalom… and when we call out to God, is it easier for Him to hear us? He created the ear.

Still, this is how we communicate. Feelings of awe and thankfulness are built in to creation, but they are so appropriate for the gift of existence and for many blessings. Words and gestures are the language of a part of our souls.

And how does He respond to physical creatures, as we are? Will He leaves us forever without the touch of our King’s hand, without the sound of words, the embrace of a Father, the sight of His majesty? No hand, no concept, nor any visible beauty could be anything but created. But it is Him who surrounds us with His messengers, saying to our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, He loves us; cling to your Creator.

We don’t hope for anything less, even in the age to come.


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