with light.

The one who is and made what is,
makes darkness to fill it with light, whose kindness people call for through senseless beauty and agony.
We see the faces of your heart
and let our words be few.

We let our humbler words be free
and there’s nothing to know,
God, apart from knowing you.

This is the joining of smallness with truth,
of yearning with you;
here, the world and all words
stand hushed.
Please open my lips
to call for you and say,
and declare, your praise;
it’s more than enough for us.
In the place where, hidden
in you, we rest,
don’t let us forget you’re more
than the paths you lead us on.

Even though my understanding is so limited, I know relationship with God is real and worth everything. The Jewish story of their covenant with Him is believable to me and because of their nearness to Him through time I accept it as my ethical path, my community to pray with, and a treasure I want to hold and join in with. Somehow it isn’t a choice as much as something woven into my being. I get the idea that Judaism is hard but very worth it.

It is better if I take it gently in this, having started on this path before and felt confused. Letting my God lead each step with light and peace of mind, not trying to control or understand it all. In the meantime, the path of knowing and seeking Him and giving to others is very solid and it is our anchor.


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