looking forward.

We tend to find energy, motivation, and hope by looking forward to times in the future that we’ll be able to share with other people. At a time in life when we don’t have a clue what those times might be like, the opposite happens: it is hard to keep momentum, to work hard on doing good and growing in goodness, or to see as much light. The problem here could be that we are looking too much to time shared with loved ones as our foundation and fulfillment… even though it is a true blessing and something to look forward to, invest towards, and have joy in. Even more than that, living to be God’s servant and to give to those in need should be our joy in each hour and the thing we build towards, even if we can’t see it making any difference to the times we will have in the paths ahead. This is a purer focus and one that we can only ask for help in attaining, because it takes focus, commitment, honesty, and something closer to unselfishness.


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