heart, mind (II)

Since our minds and hearts work together as a team before Hashem, each one has important roles to play. The fight between the two only happens when these holy responsibilities aren’t being balanced and kept.

It is the heart’s responsibility to belong only to our Creator, and to put no other power or love before Him. Nothing exists beside Him, everything is from Him, and our hearts need to be poured out in an offering of dedication to that; opening up to the blessing of surrender.

In that context, the heart brings many feelings, passions, and questions to the mind, whose loving job before our God it is to act as an impartial judge of wisdom. It isn’t easy to be impartial, but it is the duty of the mind to try, with God’s help, and to gently give the heart a map of wisdom.

Then, the heart again takes its turn, with the duty of learning to walk more and more often in the path of wisdom. But this is not just a matter of our minds serving our hearts by controlling them. When the borders of wisdom are drawn, the heart should take joy in colouring in those lines with the beauty of a focused offering. Sometimes it feels joyful to do this and sometimes it feels painful, but the heart’s love for God according to the paths of wisdom is what brings those paths to flourish in life.

Finally, as we keep living and growing and the whole cycle continues, the mind is responsible to celebrate with the joys and successes of the heart in serving God, and to keep focusing every now and then on its impartial re-weighing of holiness, so that the lines of wisdom become more intricate, nuanced, and near to Hashem.

We can trust that as we offer our whole selves to God, heart and mind, He will lead the two together in the one path that is meant for them. If one or the other seems to be behind, it only means to look to Him in patience, love, and trust.


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