pride and obedience.

Our pride can make us do the right thing, sometimes. We might feel like we are on too high a level to do something that we’re tempted to do, or feel worried that people watching will judge us. Is this a positive thing, or a negative? It can be both.

In a sense, we should harness everything within our reach when it comes to serving God. If the easiest way for us to avoid sinning is to try and use our sense of pride as a tool for doing what is right, then that’s a good thing. We can’t let our motivations tie us back from just doing and thinking the things we know we need to.

But we still need to avoid letting our egos become inflated to the point where we think we can do it all alone. In Amy Magnusson’s words,

“…if we place expectations on ourselves for the sake of pleasing Hashem, because we want to be closer to Hashem, that is coming from the right place. If we were to say ‘I should give more tzedakah for the sake of uplifting and helping another soul in need and to bring more of Hashem’s light into this world’ I think that is much more suitable. When we come from the aspect of wanting to do things for the sake of Hashem, we are much more inclined to ask Hashem for HELP in fulfilling these new goals. When we put the expectations on ourselves because we should be better than that, we are placing the soul responsibility on ourselves and are much less inclined to ask Hashem for His help, which is why most of the time these expectations fail.

“Everything we do should be for the sake of Hashem and for helping others, including the expectations we place for ourselves.”


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