Forgiveness isn’t just an easy way out. It doesn’t stop us from needing to choose what is right, and allowing God to undo in us the brokenness that let us do wrong, through a deep and thorough process.

Also, it doesn’t erase what we did in the past. But it does change who we are now, in front of our Creator because we are clinging to Him… and no one can take away how meaningful that choice is. Who we are with Him is who we really are.

And that is a huge and undeserved gift. As much as we are still met with responsibility and challenges in stepping into righteousness, it is much easier than living in the blackness of shame. But that is no reason to stay away from accepting forgiveness and moving forward. Clinging to God is how we should be, that’s who we were made to be.

The truth of how much we depend on Him is also a blessing to gain clarity about.


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