a new place.

Tonight is probably my last night in Sydney for a while…we’ll soon be in Wagga Wagga God willing, to start a new chapter of life there! I’m excited for the chance that Jason and I have to make a home for each other and our coming little one.

Everything in life feels uncertain, and it also feels like a gift to be thankful and hopeful about. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the ability to pull it off, but I remember that love and a positive attitude bring the most sunshine of all to a home and I am excited to see where the road ahead takes us!

We’ve been married for almost six months now, and known each other for almost ten. It has been the most beautiful and happiest time of my life. Setting up a household, experiencing all kinds of pregnancy discomforts and hormones, and juggling new responsibilities has been a challenge that is making me stronger and I’m so thankful for Jason’s loving and supportive kindness through it all. His strength, insight, and humble goodness inspire and bless me so much. It feels a bit like jumping in the deep end as we set up life in a little apartment, both on student allowances, and he starts uni for the first time with a baby due before the first exams, and in the meantime I also need to complete a teaching prac block and some study. We are investing in love and in our family and it’s going to be a special experience to walk it together with my soul’s friend and such a good husband to whom it’s easy to choose to be thankful.

Apparently it’s a good town and I look forward to settling in there.


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